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Promoting a culture of learning.

In times of digitization, networking and innovation, it is not enough to change business models, processes and regulations. In particular, impulses for a changed mindset must also be set in order to allow digital innovations and new business models to emerge in the first place. In addition to technical and methodological expertise, this also requires a willingness to take risks, perseverance, curiosity, the courage to break new ground, and a change of perspective. In our fast-moving age, the potential for failure is part of the game.


In the new TÜV event "faiLEARN - Worst Case meets Best Practice. employees from different areas report on their failed, faulty or difficult projects and ideas. The format was developed by a team of colleagues from all business units.

What can you look forward to?

The event format is to be implemented for all employees in the long term to promote Group-wide networking, sharing and learning.

Good reasons speak for your participation.

Warm-up & Opening Talk

Group personalities answer questions on the subject of faiLEARN

3 Speaker

from different business units

30 min Timeslots

moderated talk + faiLEARN + Questions&Answers

Exchange with like-minded people

of different business units

1 Core message

Change begins with oneself. Together we change TÜV NORD.

3 Lessons Learned

Learning from the mistakes of others

Rules of the game

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Anyone may participate

faiLEARN is an event for employees by employees. Cultural change only works together. Let's start with faiLEARN. Let's look forward to more.

Appreciative cooperation

Making mistakes is human, admitting mistakes requires the ability to reflect, and talking about one's own mistakes in front of many people requires another large portion of courage. So we expect applause after every faiLEARN.

Short and spicy

You are just as much a part of the event as our speakers. Get involved. If you don't, our moderator will.

Open and trusting atmosphere

The speakers will be happy to answer your questions - within the Q&A session or in personal networking. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from each other.

Transparent handling of project content and speaker

Our speakers are not judged. They are forerunner. Accordingly, we will report on their faiLEARN with respect in our internal communication channels.


A good cooperation always consists of give and take. We promise an entertaining evening, you invest your free time.