TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Platform

TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Platform

As part of "#GoNORD - Innovation by Everyone", the TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Platform will be the central hub to gather new ideas and contributions from all over the world and from all Business Units and to discuss them together across borders!

Be a part to bring the Innovation Platform to life together with your colleagues. Up to 3,000 colleagues from the entire TÜV NORD GROUP can use this format until the beginning of 2023. Until then, an integrated platform is being worked on in the background, which, in addition to the innovation platform, will also include the topics of company suggestion schemes and idea management. To access the Innovation Platform just click here and your user account will automatically be created as one out of 3,000.

if you are not automatically redirected to the Innovation Platform when clicking and instead directed to a login page, please click "Employee-Access" and use your "" email address if necessary.

What is the purpose of our Innovation Platform?

We want to use the entire potential of TÜV NORD GROUP: with your experience, your expertise, and your diverse personalities, you can make a collective impact on further improving our products and services and thus making our customers even more successful.
The TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Platform is the central hub in this context: worldwide and across business unit and department borders.
Make use of the Innovation Platform and actively shape the world of TÜV NORD GROUP and let yourself be inspired by what drives your colleagues from all over the world.

On the innovation platform, there are campaigns (limited in time) and open channels (unlimited in time) on various topics in which you can contribute your ideas and comment on and discuss the ideas of others. The exact content of each campaign/open channel is explained on the innovation platform. Here you will also find the specific person you can contact with questions. A sponsor with a specific need, e.g. to solve a problem, stands behind each campaign. Together with the campaign team, the sponsor is responsible for following up on the best or most promising ideas.

If you have any general questions about the innovation platform, just contact or the #GoNORD projekt team.
The innovation platform creates an opportunity to gather contributions from all over the world and from all areas, but also to discuss them intensively - because this is the only way to grow ideas and find suitable partners.

After the initial pilot phase of six months, the innovation platform will be available in this form to up to 3,000 colleagues worldwide until beginning of 2023. The target image - as a planned follow-up format, so to speak - is a platform solution that integrates the aspects of idea management and company suggestion schemes in addition to the current functionality. Intensive work is being done on this in the background. How (and if) this will be possible, you will of course find out in time.

What are the rules of the game?

Differentiation from existing channels

For some companies, there are already existing formats such as idea management. The innovation platform represents an additional format for this, with the added value of a Group-wide exchange and an intuitive way for all employees worldwide to participate in the topic of innovation.
Anyone who places an idea on the innovation platform makes a voluntary decision to share this idea throughout the Group and make it visible. Claims arising from any existing regulations of other formats do not apply to ideas on the Innovation Platform.

This is not (yet) ideal and sometimes confusing, but in the background work is being done on a platform that integrates all the formats mentioned and is intuitive to use. Until that happens, however, this innovation platform will focus on the topic of (Group-wide) innovation campaigns.


TÜV NORD GROUP is active worldwide, with colleagues in over 70 countries. To enable us to engage in dialogue across the Group, the main language on this platform is English. However, whenever the language poses a challenge, there is the option of using TNGtranslation services ( or contacting the responsible persons (e.g. campaign manager).


For the next year, up to 3,000 colleagues are represented on the innovation platform. Whenever you need or want input from specific colleagues, motivate them to participate on this platform by contacting them via the usual channels. In this way, you help to expand the community and bring important expertise to the Innovation Platform.


This platform offers many opportunities to rate contributions, comment on them or get into direct dialog with other people. We take all contributions seriously and do not want to have to delete contributions or comments on them. In order for us to succeed, we need you: Follow our netiquette for fair and relevant communication, which will be shown to you when you log in to the Innovation Platform for the first time. Every idea counts!

Help & Contact

For general questions, please contact or the #GoNORD project team. For specific questions about particular campaigns or open channels, contact the people listed on the Innovation Platform.

Do you want to be a part of it? You get access to the TÜV NORD GROUP Innovation Platform with one click here and your user account will be created automatically as one out of 3,000.

if you are not automatically redirected to the Innovation Platform when clicking and instead directed to a login page, please click "Employee-Access" and use your "" email address if necessary.