TÜV NORD-Kickbox

#GoNORD – Innovation by Everyone

The TÜV NORD-Kickbox

The TÜV NORD-Kickbox, whose original concept came from Adobe, is a structured innovation and training program for employees who want to drive innovation within the organization. All participants receive a physical box (so-called Kickbox), which represents a kind of framework & contains various tools. At the core of the Kickbox are various cards that describe in detail the Kickbox process and provide guidance to employees on the innovation process. The Kickbox is based on a proven process from Adobe and cannot be compared to traditional training.

Here is a short explanatory video from the inventor of the Kickbox:

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General Information

We would like to invite you to participate in our four-hour virtual Mini-Kickbox-Event on March 23, 2021. With this offer we would like to address especially the middle management, so that you can get an early insight and thus optimally support your employees in the further process. If you are not part of this management level, please register anyway via the form and write us a sentence why you should still get one of the few places for the event. In this event, we will introduce you to the Adobe Kickbox method and get you involved as a supporter in the implementation of a TÜV NORD-Kickbox phase lasting several weeks, and also get your valuable feedback.


  • March 23, 2021

  • 9:00 am - 1:30 pm (CET)


  • Virtual Mini-Kickbox Event

  • Introduction into the Adobe-Kickbox method

  • Language: English

  • Costs: no costs


  • Main focus of the event: Middle management

  • Nevertheless, every employee of TÜV NORD GROUP can participate



How can I participate?



Registration for the Mini-Kickbox & Shipping

Do you want to participate in the virtual Mini-Kickbox-Event? Then please register via the registration form. For your participation and the shipping of the Mini-Kickbox we need some information from you like your shipping address (office or private). The data will of course only be used for shipping and communication measures in the context of the Kickbox.

If you have any questions about the Kickbox or the #GoNORD project, please feel free to contact us at any time.



What do we want to achieve?



The background

Emerging trends with disruptive potential are turning entire business units upside down and demand a rethink. Further developing products, improving customer experiences, developing new technologies and penetrating new business areas that compensate for losses in the core business in the longer term are the key challenges in the digitalized world.

We want to achieve the following with kickboxing:

  • Further development of employees
  • Satisfied employees (your ideas get a place & visibility)
  • Value employees
  • Participants independently develop new & innovative solutions for products/services
  • Increase the speed of implementation of innovations
  • Make results measurable
  • Initiate new products/ new business models
Translated with (free version) Traditional large companies, which have been able to focus on their core business for decades, are often not agile and fast enough in their existing structures to produce the necessary innovations. Inertia, complex processes, hierarchies, lack of flexibility, strong top-down orientation, high costs with yet low output, lack of transparency, "silo thinking" - all these are hindering factors. The "Innovator's Dilemma" says it all - large companies often fail because of the structures and processes they have built up over decades and which originally made them successful.
The greatest potential for innovation often lies within the company itself. The innovation culture necessary for the development of this potential must be exemplified and managers must (be able to) give their employees sufficient room for this purpose. The organizational culture that has grown and become established over years and decades and the innovation antibodies that operate within it are the greatest hurdle to the successful implementation of innovation. Often, all it takes is a negative statement or just a little resistance to a new idea, and the idea giver is already impressed by it and deterred from further initiative.

Managers should be encouraged, urged and also called upon to demonstrate more courage to experiment themselves, to set the right framework conditions and to create freedom in order to be able to actively assume the role of innovation driver in the company together with their employees. For many people in positions of responsibility, this admittedly means a great deal of (also personal) challenge associated with changes in attitude and values. In implementation, this means, among other things, courage to take risks instead of a zero-error strategy, cooperate instead of delegate, and communicate at eye level instead of top-down.