(Remote) Design Sprint

(Remote) Design Sprint

Validate ideas, products or services with customers in just five days with a Design Sprint.

The Remote Design Sprint offers a structured kick-start in the implementation of ideas or in the solution of challenges. The challenges to be worked on can be the new development of products or services, as well as the further development or expansion of existing offerings. As a user-centric approach, products or services with close user or customer involvement are particularly suitable, for example apps, but also processes and interfaces where different actors come together. A certain amount of friction can be helpful as a starting point. The right challenge can launch into a remote design sprint. The Design Sprint is divided into four different days with workshops, creative tasks and exchange as well as coordination of ideas and solutions. The ideal number of participants for a Design Sprint is five to seven. We offer both face-to-face and remote Design Sprints.

What do you get out of a (Remote) Design Sprint?

  • Developing and elaborating concrete ideas, products or services into a testable prototype within four days
  • Getting to know new methods and tools for the creative solution of problems or elaboration of ideas
  • Customer-centered development with direct validation with customers/user groups
  • New impulses for your team and an opportunity to work together on ideas using new methods outside of business-as-usual

Process of a (Remote) Design Sprint


Understand the goal, define the problem & create initial solutions


Elaboration and coordination of the best solutions & creation of a storyboard in preparation for the prototype


Development of the prototype & preparation of the user tests


Execution of user tests with real users/customers & evaluation of the feedback and planning of further steps

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