Your Digital Transformation Made Easy

Your Digital Transformation Made Easy

Digitale transformation made easy

We at TÜV NORD Digital Academy enable your managers and employees to actively shape the digital transformation in terms of culture, organization and working methods.

We started with the question: How do we manage digital cultural change in a company with 150 years of tradition? And anyway, what role does cultural change play in the context of digitalization?

Digitalization does not end with the use of digital tools but begins there. Employees and managers must be made fit for the comprehensive digital transformation. The structure and above all the culture in the company must be fundamentally developed further for this purpose.

Together with you, we develop a tailor-made program and thus make your digital vision a reality. You too can benefit from our expertise.

Our Services

Tailored to your needs and wishes

Together with you, we develop a tailored program to turn your digital vision into reality. We start with an inventory of your digital vision and your previous activities. Together we develop a backlog of modules that support the achievement of the vision. This backlog consists of your existing activities and is supplemented by us with modules from the four elements: Events, Empowerment, Communication and Lighthouse Projects.

From the backlog, we put together an individual program that complements your own activities in a goal-oriented way. Here we are guided by the change management phases: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. We have developed appropriate modules and content for each phase and have successfully implemented and tested them at TÜV NORD. 


Creating awareness and enthusiasm for the digital transformation

  • (Major) events for the change phases Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement
  • Challenge and pitch events to identify digitalization projects
  • faiLEARN nights to promote an open culture and development towards a learning organization


Empower managers and employees for digital change

  • Management Empowerment
  • Project Coaching
  • Individual Trainings
  • e-Learning
  • Digital Expert Training
  • Digital Academy Toolbox

Community & Network

Building group-wide communities and networks

  • Communities of Practice
  • Digital Expert Community
  • Change Marketing
  • Development of success stories
  • Social Media
  • Event App

Lighthouse Projects

Making digital impact visible and tangible

  • Design Sprints
  • Project Coaching
  • Project Identification
  • Digital Expert Trainings



Contact us and let your digital vision become reality!