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Would you like to become a Digital Expert and actively help shape and drive the digital transformation of the TÜV NORD GROUP? Would you like to become part of the Digital Expert Community (DEC) and expand your existing knowledge and share it with others? Are you curious and would like to advance your knowledge in the fields of "Innovation & Technologies", "Methods & Tools", "Personality" and "Ethics, Law & Security"? Then apply now for the next TÜV NORD certified Digital Experts Training of the Digital Academy.

Here you will find all important information about the next training, the application process and the role of a Digital Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Digital Expert?

Digital Experts are trained to actively drive forward the digital transformation of the TÜV NORD GROUP by acting as multipliers in their business units. Due to their in-depth knowledge and their network, they act as contact persons and central contact points for digitalization topics.

How is the certified Digital Experts Training structured?

The TÜV NORD certified Digital Experts Training consists of a mixture of training and project work days. The training sessions cover the topics "Innovation & Technologies", "Methods & Tools", "Personality" and "Ethics, Law & Security".

Approximately one month before the start of the training the Digital Experts meet up for a two-day kick-off event. Each training week usually begins with three days of training followed by two project workdays. This allows newly acquired knowledge to flow directly into the project work.

The training is followed by the theoretical certification exam and a pitch event. The Digital Experts present a project on which theyhave worked on during the training to the Group Executive Committee and other guests. The aim is to win one or more supporters who will push the project forward within the company. 


What requirements do you have to meet?

Every employee is welcome to participate in our Digital Expert Training. In addition to approval by your supervisor, the following competences according to the TÜV NORD Competence Model are of andvantage:

  • creative drive
  • personal responsibility
  • analytical skills
  • holistic thinking
  • results-oriented action
  • persuasiveness

Of course, openness to new things (knowledge, methods, technologies, etc.) is necessary. You should also enjoy working in a team. After the training you will become a contact person and multiplier for other employees and should be aware of this role.

Where does the training take place?

Expected to be in Berlin. (changes reserved)

In what period does the training take place?

About 6 weeks. From 28th of october 2019 until 20th of december 2019. (changes reserved)

How is the workload divided after the training?

Training as a Digital Expert comes with a certain responsibility. They become contact persons and multipliers for other employees and should be aware of this role.

The activities of the Digital Experts after the training include:

  1. At least 20% of Digital Expert working time is planned for the digitalization of respective business unit
  2. Active participation in the DE community (DE meetings, calls, events etc.)

Digital Experts lead the company into a digital future in the long run and form an important part of our digital transformation from within!

Who covers the costs for the Digital Experts Training?

The cost of €10,000 per participant is handled differently in each business unit. If you have any questions, please contact us directly:

How does the application process work?

  1. Until 19 July 2019: On our website you will find the application form which you can fill in online.
  2. Until the beginning of August: In the second step, the Digital Academy will conduct a first review and evaluation of all applications received. The list will then be sent to the Digital Academy steering committee.
  3. By the end of August: The list is reviewed by the members of the steering committee and the potential candidates of the business units are selected.
  4. Early September: Selected candidates are invited to the kick-off.

What added value do you have with the certified Digital Experts Training?

There are five reasons, among others, to choose the certified Digital Experts Training.

  1. You act as a driver of digitalization, not just in your business unit, but throughout the group. You pass on know-how about methods and technologies and serve as contact persons for other employees. Through the company-wide network with the Digital Experts Community, you will play the role of enabler for synergy effects between the business units.

  2. The TÜV NORD certified training is a comprehensive and future-oriented education, which not only increases your responsibility and visibility in the company, but also your self-motivation and identification with the TÜV NORD GROUP.

  3. You actively participate in the implementation of innovation projects and also have the opportunity to use your newly acquired knowledge to optimize and promote your own projects.

  4. Through the Digital Expert Training you will receive an increased visibility and attention from the management board and the Group Executive Committee. At the end of the training you also have the opportunity to win a project supporter directly from the Group Executive Committee with your pitch. 

  5. You help to expand the company-wide network and thus exploit synergy effects. As part of the Digital Experts Community you will have direct contact persons in all business units with different know-how. You will also have direct contact with the central unit Digitalization & Innovation (V-DI) department and the innovation departments of all business units.

What are the contents of the training?

The TÜV NORD certified Digital Experts Training consists of a mixture of training and project work days. The training sessions cover the topics "Innovation & Technologies", "Methods & Tools", "Personality" and "Ethics, Law & Security". The sequence of the individual trainings is purposefully coordinated and structured. A final training plan will be published soon.

Do I have to take care of organizational matters myself (e.g. catering or accommodation)?

We will take care of catering on the training days. If desired, we will also arrange accommodation for you for the entire duration of the training. We will contact you shortly after your confirmation to clarify further details.

How do I get the TÜV NORD Digital Experts certificate?

You have a chance to receive a certificate after the training. The Digital Expert certificate requires, besides the participation in the training of several weeks, a successful pitch presentation of the developed project in front of the top management as well as a successful theoretical examination.

How much does the training cost?

The costs for the Digital Experts Training of the Digital Academy is 10.000€ per participant.

Are there image, video, live streaming and sound recordings (e.g. for internal and external use) during and after the training?

Yes, during and after the training we will take and record pictures, videos, live streams and sounds of you (kick-off, training, DE-meetings, events etc.). We use these for internal and external purposes (e.g. intranet, social media etc.). With your application you agree to the use of your pictures, videos, live streams and sounds recordings.


Do you have another question? Or do you have any suggestions, feedback or other concerns? Then please contact us:

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* Changes reserved for the next training


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